Part 21, Subpart G for Production Organizations (online seminar/webinar)

Target Groups

Accountable manager, managing personnel, certifying staff, auditors and other employees of production  organizations who are interested in gaining

  • a good knowledge of the applicable aviation regulations and how their practical implementation.
  • a good understanding of their tasks, responsibilities and obligations in their organisation.

 Important information

  • The participation to the seminar European Aviation Legislation – Introduction is a prerequisite for participants to the seminar Part 21, Subpart G for Production Organizations. .

Seminar Content

Part 21, Section A – Technical Requirements

  • Part 21, Subpart G – Production Organization Approval and further subparts associated with Production Organizations
  • Authorised Release Certificate EASA Form 1
  • Aircraft Statement of Conformity EASA Form 52
  • Certificate of Release to Service EASA Form 53

(subject to changes)

Services received

Participation in the seminar, seminar documentation (pdf file), certificate of participation (pdf file).


Revised: 07/2020

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