European Aviation Legislation – Introduction (online seminar/webinar)

Target Groups

Accountable manager, Head of Design Organization, CAMO-manager, Chief of Office of Airworthiness, Production and Maintenance manager, other managing personnel, Certifying Staff, Design and Compliance Verification Engineers, Auditors and other employees of design, production, maintenance organizations and CAMOs who are interested in gaining

  • a good knowledge of the requirements of the applicable aviation regulations for their scope of work in an aviation regulation approved organization according to Part 21, Subpart J (design organization),
  • a good understanding of their tasks, responsibilities and obligations in their organization.

This seminar is a prerequisite for participants to the seminars Part 21, Subpart J for Design Organisations, Part 21, Subpart G for Production Organisations and Part 145 Maintenance Organisations (focal point: Components) since these seminars are based on the result of the seminar “European Aviation Legislation – Introduction”.


Further Information

The seminar language is German, however, this seminar is also offered in the English language. For any further information you can reach us at

Seminar content

Introduction into the European Aviation Legislation

  • Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 („Basic Regulation“)
  • Regulation (EU) 748/2012 ff., Annex I, Part 21
  • Regulation (EU) 1321/2014 ff., Annex II, Part 145
  • AMC/GM (Key Aspects)

Tasks and privileges of the various approved organisations and their co-ordination.

Significance of approved design data

Organisation/Structure of the approved organizations (Design/Production/CAMO/Maintenance)

Privileges and Obligations of the approved organizations

Responsibilities of the management staff


Basic theoretical and/or practical knowledge on the topic is an advantage, but not a strict requirement.

Services received

Participation in the seminar, seminar documentation (pdf file), certificate of participation (pdf file).


Revised: 07/2020

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