Part 21 for Design Organizations – INITIAL

Target Groups

Head of the Design Organization, Chief of Office of Airworthiness, Chief of Independent System Monitoring, design engineers, compliance verification engineers, auditors, who are interested in gaining

  • a good knowledge of the requirements of the applicable aviation regulations for their scope of work in an aviation regulation approved organization according to Part 21, Subpart J (design organization),
  • a good understanding of their tasks, responsibilities and obligations in their organization.

Seminar content

Part 21, Subpart J

Introduction into the European Aviation Legislation

  • Regulation (EU) 2018/1139.
  • Regulation (EU) 748/2012 ff., Annex I, Part 21, Subpart J
  • Design Assurance System
  • AMC/GM (Key Aspects)

Tasks and privileges of the various approved organizations

  • DO-PO-Arrangement
  • DO-MO-Arrangement
  • Coordination of the design activities associated with a STC (CAMO, Design Organization, Production Organization, Maintenance Organization)

Part 21, Section A – technical requirements

  • Part 21, Subpart J – Approval as a design organization and further subparts associated with the design of STC, minor changes and repairs (including LOI)

Please note:
This seminar aims to design organizations other than the type design holder that performs changes and repairs to Aircraft.

(subject to changes)


Basic theoretical and/or practical knowledge on the topic is an advantage, but not a strict requirement.

Certificate of participation

You receive a certificate of participation which includes a detailed description of the seminar content.

Services received

  • Participation in the seminar, seminar documentation
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunch or sandwiches
  • Cold soft drinks, coffee, tea, fruit, snacks during the seminar or in the coffee breaks


Revised: 05/2020

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