DEMAR M / 145 / 66 (Initial)

Target Groups

Accountable Manager, management personnel, certifying staff, auditors and other employees of CAMOs and maintenance organizations, who are interested in gaining

  • a good fundamental knowledge of the applicable DEMAR regulations and their practical implementation.
  • a good understanding for their tasks, responsibilities and obligations within their enterprise.

Seminar Content

  • Activities and privileges of the various approved organisations
  • DEMAR M Requirements to the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations
  • DEMAR 145 Requirements to Maintenance Organisations
  • DEMAR 66 Military Aircraft Licences (focal points only)
  • AMC/GM (focal points only)

(subject to change)


Basic theoretical and/or practical knowledge of the CAMO and/or maintenance organisation environment is helpful, but not a strict requirement.

Certificate of participation

You receive a certificate of participation which includes a detailed description of the seminar content.

Services received

  • Participation in the seminar, seminar documentation
  • Certificate of participation
  • Lunch or sandwiches
  • Cold soft drinks, coffee, tea, fruit, snacks during the seminar or in the coffee breaks


Revised: 03/2020

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